Event Penguins is the ultimate event planning software solution.

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Revolutionizing The Way Event Management Is Done!

Comprehensive Tools For Easy Planning

Event Penguins is pushing industry limits. You can plan every step of your event using Event Penguins. You can use this easy tool to enter all your contacts, financial data, reports and planning logistics in one place and share it with your planning team.

Event Penguins makes planning a smooth process so that you can spend less time worrying about compilations and document integration and more time creating a great event concept.

New and Improved Features

Guest Registration

Prevent tedious manual registrations through the online registration platform.


Create and sell tickets online for your guests to purchase easily.

Financial Planning

Plan and record all expenses easily and avoid costs that catch you off guard.

Floor Planning

Create a visual image of your sitting arrangements with the straight-forward floor planning tool.

Task Management

Assign tasks and keep up to date with the progress of all the designated tasks from start to finish.

Post Mortem Reports

Have a solid post-event analysis which includes attendance reports and feedback reports.

Group Collaboration

Increase planning productivity by collaboratively working with a team and assigning task roles for each team member.

Web Marketing

Use the online Event Penguins platform to market your event. You can publish your event details and invite guests to attend your event on the EP event page.


Use free SMS and email services to update your guests and send reminders about the event. Send instant messages to your planning team through the live-chat feature.

Looking Beyond Event Management

We don’t just cater for event managers, but for attendees as well. Discover events near you with Event Penguins. You can receive constant updates by simply selecting your interests and we will make sure you never miss an event.

Use our hustle-free registration platform to register. Prevent the last-minute queueing by purchasing tickets on the Event Penguins platform.

You gain a lot more with Event Penguins

This is a tool tailor-made for your convenience which provides the ultimate planning experience.

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